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Why We Create the Pan Mee Meal Kits?

Assorted Flavours Pan Mee Meal Kit

Why Did We Create the Pan Mee Meal Kits?

The reason we have created the Pan Mee Meal Kits is to provide busy parents and children a convenient way to prepare a nourishing meal even when there seems to be not enough time to do so.

Each Meal Kit is packed with natural ingredients made from whole food so that it is as good as a home cooked meal.

We have created 7 flavours and 4 types of noodles so that if you want you can create a total 28 combinations of noodles.

The ingredients that we used to create the noodles and sauces have been carefully selected so that they do not contain synthetic additives and pesticides. And we carefully selected these ingredients for not only for their taste, but they are also selected for their nutrients. Take for example we have included quinoa and millet as ingredients for our pan mee.

We hope that our delicious meal kits will be your go-to quick meal solution whenever you need a nourishing meal. For me I have even used the meal kits even when I do have time to cook because they are simply delicious.

Bon appetit!

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