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Whitebait is Good for Your Baby

Whitebait is very nutritious for your baby

Whitebait contains good nutrition for your six-month old baby. As the fish is soft and easy to digest, it is a great food to introduce to your baby.

It is rich in DHA  and Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for your baby’s brain development at that time.

It is also a great source of calcium, Vitamin K, protein, selenium and phosphorus, all are needed by your baby.

  1. DHA and Omega-3 – baby’s brain development and immune system.
  2. Calcium and Phosphorus- bone development.
  3. Vitamin K – baby lacks this vitamin, needed to help with blood clotting.
  4. Protein – baby’s physical development.
  5. Selenium – essential component of proteins and enzyme.

That is the reason why we introduce whitebait into our baby food range so that they will get the best food for their development needs.

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