Tomyum Soup Pan Mee Meal Kit 1 Pax


The Tom Yum Soup has a tangy and spicy flavour that will make you crave for more.

The 1-Meals Kit provides you with sufficient noodle and ingredients to cook for 1 person. Each of our meal kits is crafted so that you will have a nourishing meal.

And you can enjoy it with any of the 2 types of noodles which you can select before you put the item into the Shopping Cart. Find out more about the types of noodles here.




You will enjoy the tangy and spicy flavor that you will start craving for more.

Ingredients (Noodles)

Pan Mee Noodles: Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour, Quinoa, Sea Salt and Filtered Water

Ingredients (Sauce)

Tom Yum Soup : Sugar, Palm Oil, Salt, Ginger Flower, Lemongrass, Chili, Tamarind, Galangal,
Onion, Tomato Sauce, Lime Leaf, Garlic, Chicken Stock (Contains Soy, Wheat). 糖,棕榈油,盐, 姜花, 柠檬草,辣椒,罗望子,高良姜,洋葱,番茄,酸橙叶,大蒜,鸡汤(含黄豆,小麦)

How To Cook

1.Pour in 400ml water and cook the sauce together

2. Add in the noodle

*Put in noodles when the water is rolling boiled


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Tomyum Soup Pan Mee Meal Kit 1 Pax