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  • tom-yum-soup-pan-mee-4-meals-kitTom Yum Soup Pan Mee Cooked

    The Tom Yum Soup has a tangy and spicy flavor that will have you craving for more.

    The Pan Mee Meal Kit 4 Pax provides you with sufficient noodle and ingredients to cook for 4 persons. Each of our meal kits is crafted so that you will have a nourishing meal.

    And you can enjoy it with any of the 4 types of noodles which you can select before you put the item into the Shopping Cart. Find out more about the types of noodles here.

    Buy 2, Free 1 Promotion
    i.e. Order 3 packets of any flavours, ONE of the packets (lowest priced) is TOTALLY FREE for you.