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Fresh Pumpkin vs Pumpkin Powder


When we crafted our Pumpkin Yee Mee we did not hesitate to use fresh organic pumpkins as our ingredient, instead of using pumpkin powder.

Why did we do that despite the high cost of using fresh ingredients due to more expensive storage and transportation? In addition to those obstacles, there is also the issue of finding suppliers because there are very few local organic pumpkin growers.

This is because by using locally sourced fresh pumpkins, we have the full control of where our pumpkins come from and how they are grown. We visited the farms and learned how the farmers grow their crops to ensure that they are using pesticide-free and chemical-free methods to grow this nutritious ingredient.

Another reason for using locally grown fresh pumpkins is because we want to support our local farmers for their dedication to grow their crops organically. It is not an easy task for these farmers to grow these vegetables organically and we would like support and encourage them so that we can get more clean and nutritious food unto our plates.

So let’s enjoy the nutritious fresh pumpkins in our Pumpkin Yee Mee knowing that by doing so you are also supporting our local organic farmers for their hard work.

Bon appetit!

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