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At the heart of Cottage Farm is the belief that healthy generations are built by eating right. Inspired by the mission to help busy mothers who want convenient yet nutritious meals for their children, we have created a wide range of innovative healthy foods using mainly organic ingredients and definitely 100% naturally derived, taste delicious and a breeze to prepare.

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A Word From The Founder

Hello, I’m glad you found your way here!

I’m Clarissa, a mom of two beautiful girls.

I’m also a trained biochemist and founder of Cottage Farm, a company that innovates and manufactures organically derived, delicious and easy-to-prepare food products, such as instant noodles and beverages. As crazy as it may sounds, we were the first to believe that it’s possible to create healthy AND tasty instant noodles without the addition of MSG, preservatives, colouring, flavouring, wax, fillers, dairy or artificial creamer and artificial sugar –and we have actually made it happen!

Let me share the rollercoaster journey that got us to this point.

The Original Crazy Ones
I grew up with #theoriginalcrazyones – my parents. Mum and dad ate only organically grown vegetables and fruits. They forced my siblings and I to carry drinking water in glass bottles to school. It was super embarrassing because back then, everyone else only used tupperware. Remember, this was way before the #plasticisevil era. With that kind of upbringing, I naturally grew up with the belief that healthy generations can only be built by eating right.

Many years later, while I was looking to exit a lucrative but unfulfilling corporate career, I visited some organic farms in Cameron Highlands. It was there that an idea began to germinate.

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