We have Dry Chilli Pan Mee or Spicy Pan Mee, Kon Loh Pan Mee or Dry Pan Mee, Tom Yum Pan Mee and Mala Pan Mee in our Meal Kits. In fact we have 7 flavors for you to choose from.

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Try Our Best Selling Pumpkin Yee Mee, Spinach Pan Mee & Seaweed Calcium Noodles.

This is how our Quick Cooking noodles that include our famous Pumpkin Yee Mee, Spinach Pan Mee Noodle, Seaweed Calclium Noodle are made so that you get more nutrition with every bite to make every meal a healthy meal.

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Why do we call them Meal Kits?


Because each Meal Kit is an

Honest Meal Filled with

Natural Nourishment. 

Check Out Our Baby Meal Kits

We have baby meal kits made with nutritious whitebait, pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato for your baby too.

We have Baby Pumpkin Noodle and Baby Cereal in our Baby Meal Kits, and they are made with the purest and the most nutritious organic ingredients to help with the growth of your precious one. 

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What Our Customers Say

“Just wanted to send you an email on not only mine, but my families overall satisfaction
with your products. All of your products are amazing and I wanted to share my
appreciation with you- So thanks and congratulations for producing and delivering great
quality noodles and beverages! Please keep it up.”

Customer Justin Lee
Justin Lee

“These instant pan mee noodle is wonderful for a busy day. I’m a working mother and often find myself at a loss at the end of the day trying to prepare a nutritious meal for my son, so it’s so great to know that there is a quick way to prepare him a nutritious meal! And more importantly, he loves it too.``

Customer Alison Low
Alison Low

Try Our Nourishing Protein Shakes and Detoxifying Mulberry Teas

Here are our Protein Milk Shakes and Mulberry Teas for those in-between time – Breakfasts, Tea Breaks and Suppers.

Our Protein Milk Shake is a meal in itself because of the ingredients that we have carefully selected to make them.

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